PreciseFP – v3.0.9.2 Released

Our release of version of PreciseFP brought with it updates and some new features:

  • PINless formsoption to have a security PIN for your forms or choose to disable the PIN.
    Back by popular demand (from PFP 2.0)! You now have the ability to disable the required PIN for your forms that may either be placed on-line, or that can be emailed out of PreciseFP 3.0. You can edit the global PIN options for a form by going to Forms > Settings. You can also manage the PIN options prior to sending out a form in the Sending Settings, which is presented every time you send a form.  (How-To article
  • Ability to edit form in preview modeNew Feature!
    While a form is still in progress, or not started, or even before you send the form to a client/prospect, you can easily edit data right within the form.  Under Forms > Submissions you can click on the name of any form that has the status of “In Progress” or “Not Started” to enter into edit mode.  You can also view/edit the data on the form before sending to a client/prospect on the Sending Settings.
  • All users can now use integrations
    Before this release, only the Company Admin was able to use the integrations in PreciseFP 3.0. Now, all 3.0 users, no matter what role they are assigned, can use integrations.
  • Macros in email templates easily add a macro to automated emails
    You can now add a macro to automated emails so that they will auto-populate with either your name, your email address, your client’s name, etc. To add macros, go to Forms > Settings.