PreciseFP – v3.0.8.0 Released

Our release of version of PreciseFP brought with it many updates and some new features:

    • Customizable Welcome Message! – Create your own messaging that clients see when they open your form
      Now you can customize your welcome message including editing our default instructional message. To get there, click on Forms on the left side navigation menu, then click on Forms on the top navigation menu. Click on a form, then select Form Actions ? Edit Details. From here you can change the messaging to be whatever you like.
    • Duplicate Forms with Ease! duplicate one of our template forms, or one of your own
      This feature allows our Multi-Team and Enterprise plans to create forms and duplicate them across their teams or offices. Single Team users can also use the feature to duplicate any form within their team or office. This action can be done by clicking on Forms on the left hand side then click on Forms from the top navigation.  You will then want to click on any of your forms to enter into the form editor.  The form actions button will be in the upper right hand corner of your form.
    • Link Clients – manually adding relationship (by Company Admin only)
      If you have two separate clients or prospects in your PreciseFP 3.0 records, you can now link them together, thus creating a relationship between the two clients and by so doing allowing both clients’ data to be viewed together. Once you have clicked on your client’s profile, you will see a link under their name that says “Add relationship.” Simply continue the steps to establish the relationship between two of your clients.
    • Ability to Easily Resend Forms  – new function: ability to easily resend forms
      With a few clicks of a button you can now easily resend forms to your clients. Just follow these easy steps: 1) Click on the Forms menu, 2) Click on Submission, 3) Locate and put a check beside the form that you want to resend, 4)  Select “Resend Form” from the drop down menu and then click Apply. This will resend this form to your client.
    • Changing a Form’s Status – new function: ability to change status of form
      On the Submissions tab you can now change the status for any of your forms that are listed as “In Progress” or “Not Started” To change status click on the current status of the form. Please note that marking a form as submitted will remove the client’s access to make further changes.
    • Reminder Email to complete form – reminders can be both enabled and disabled
      From the moment you send out a form to a client or prospect you can elect to enable/disable email reminders or you can edit them on a global level by going to Forms and then Settings. We send automatic emails with your own custom reminder message and a link to the form. The emails are sent every five days for up to thirty days from the date of the original send date of the form. Once your client or prospect submits their form the emails cease. (Max. of six emails).
    • Ability to CHAT with Support – an even easier way to get in touch with support
      We have implemented a new chat feature within your user dashboard in PreciseFP 3.0! Get a question answered instantly. We are available to chat from Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm ET.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to send us a chat message from our website or from within PreciseFP, Or you can always email us at