PreciseFP – v3.0.12.0 Released

We have released PFP v3.0.12.0. This release includes the following updates and new features:

  • Ability to convert Clients back to Prospects — New Feature and Popular Request!
    Convert a prospect to a client in error?  Now you can easily switch them back to being a prospect in your advisor dashboard.
  • Client 2″ is now “Co-client” across PreciseFP — New Feature!
    Now clients can better understand that what is being asked for is the spouse, life partner, etc. Co-Client was chosen to be used within forms based on advisor feedback as the best description for the second person making up a couple’s financial profile.
  • Improved Client/Co-client Tab design in Forms  — Update!
    When your clients are in their form this new feature now allows them to easily see what tab they are working on in the form.
  • Improved Form Welcome Message Editor with Formatting Options — Update!
    Bring even more customization to your form’s welcome message by adding bold, italic or underlined words.  You can also now see our default welcome message in the editor making it much easier to edit.
  • Dataset “Groups” are now called “Modules” — Update!
    If you have the Data Set add on you will now see that “groups” are referred to as “modules”.
  • Simplified unblocking client access to forms — Update and Popular Request!
    We’ve simplified the security reset process for when clients/prospects have locked themselves out of a form due to unsuccessful password attempts. Instead of having to unblock the form and then reset the PIN, now the advisor simply needs to reset the client’s PIN (the form becomes unblocked automatically).
  • Improved form navigation with Client (formerly Client1) always being the default tab —  Update!
    When your client moves from one tab to the next within their form, the Client sub-tab will now always be the default tab. This will avoid confusion as to which tab — Client or Co-Client — they are in and for which they are entering data.