PreciseFP – v3.0.11.0 Released

We have released v3.0.11.0! It brings the following new and exciting features:

  • Advisor name no longer reporting in PDF output. —  New Feature!

    Now when a PDF report is created, as an advisor, you will no longer see your name in the PDF. Instead, only the company name appears in the header.
  • The client (or prospect) now stays in the current tab after creating Client 2. — New Feature!

    When your client adds a spouse (or significant other) in the client 2 tab within the form it will now keep them in the tab they were working on instead of taking them back to the Welcome screen.
  • E-mail alert sent to advisor when a client  (or prospect) opens a form — New Feature!

    Popular request!  You can now receive e-mail alerts anytime a client (or prospect) opens their form.
  • Welcome screen seen first for clients and prospects — New Feature!

    When your client clicks on the link of their form they will now see the Welcome screen first and will be prompted to enter (or create) their password as a second step.
  • In your clients and prospects Current Data tabs, you will now see (0) instead of (1) when no rows are added to a multiple fieldset. — New Feature & Popular Request!

    While viewing your client or prospect’s data on the Current Data tab, advisors found it confusing to see a (1) next to the fieldset even if there was no data entered. Now, if there is no data in the fieldset it will show a (0).