PreciseFP Protects Client’s data with Form PINs and increased Security

One of the biggest features that we have implemented in PreciseFP 3.0 is increased security. From the moment you send a form to a prospect or client you create a secure connection between the 3.0 application and your client’s data.

Each new prospect or client that is entered into PreciseFP 3.0 will have a PIN auto generated for them. The PIN will be an 8-digit number that will be located directly under the name of your client or prospect on their profile


Once you send your client/prospect a form they will need this PIN to open the form from you. To be secure, you will want to provide this PIN to your client verbally and not via unsecure email. The PIN will only need to be used once because your client will then create a password to enter the form and any future forms that you may send them as well.

What happens if my client forgets their password?

It happens. And when it does, we make it easy to reset your client/prospect’s password/PIN.

If your client/prospect entered their password incorrectly three times they will get a message telling them that their form was blocked.


You will also receive an email alert.


You will then want to unblock the form. You can unblock the form by going to Forms > Submissions locate the blocked form, click on the word “blocked”…



From here you will want to click on the Unblock button. This will then unblock the form for your client/prospect so that they will have access to it once again.

Now that the form is unblocked you can now reset your client/prospects PIN. To do this go to their profile. Underneath their name you will see a link that says “Reset Security PIN”. You will want to click on this to populate a new 8-digit PIN for your client.



Once the new PIN has been generated click on the Save button. You will now want to give the new PIN to your client verbally.

You can now inform your client/prospect to click on the link to the form that you unblocked, it will then ask them enter in their new PIN and to create a new password.

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