PreciseFP Establishes Affiliation with the University of Georgia

PreciseFP has established an affiliation with the University of Georgia (UGA) Financial Planning Program which resides in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. UGA’s Financial Planning Program, which is ranked among the best in the nation, provides students with the knowledge, skills and technical expertise to be successful financial planners.

As part of the collaborative relationship, PreciseFP recently introduced a risk tolerance questionnaire (RTQ) that was developed by University of Georgia professor Dr. John Grable and Dr. Ruth Lytton of Virginia Tech.  The validity and reliability of the RTQ have been established through longitudinal studies of over 200,000 completed questionnaires dating from 1999, and it has been referenced in more than one hundred research publications.

In addition, the Financial Planning Program welcomed PreciseFP’s co-founder Don Whalen, CFP® to the UGA campus in Athens on March 2, 2018. Mr. Whalen taught students how to utilize PreciseFP for data management and digital client onboarding in an experiential learning environment. Mr. Whalen commented that, “I think it’s absolutely essential that students of financial planning be exposed to the fintech tools that will be at their disposal upon graduation. These tools will help them be more efficient planners and better serve their clients. PreciseFP is proud to play a role in educating UGA students in the areas of data-gathering and client on-boarding.”

Grable, J. E., & Lytton, R. H. (1999). Financial risk tolerance revisited: The development of a risk assessment instrument. Financial Services Review, 8, 163–181.

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