PreciseFP Deployment – 11/29/2016

1. Publish Form Templates for the web

  • Advisors are now able to publish links, buttons, site bars, and banners that will open the desired form on their website.

2. Form Performance

  • Advisors can now review how long their clients spend on each form page.
  • Visiting the Live Forms and clicking on the status of a form will open a panel with the performance information for that form.

3. Adjust Form Reminder Frequency

  • Advisors can now customize the frequency of the reminder email sent to clients that have form in progress.

4. Company Admin notifications

  • Company Admins can now choose between receiving notifications from all teams or from the team they are currently assigned to.

5. Form Mandatory Fields

  • Clients are now unable to Save and Submit a form before filling in all mandatory fields.