PreciseFP Deployment – 01/09/17

1. Form templates without authentication

Advisors can now create form templates that do not require authentication. These forms will not require a password or security PIN. Tip: You may want to use this feature to create surveys to send to clients and/or prospects, or to create engagement forms for prospects to use on your website!

2. Ability to copy the form URL when publishing a form for the Web.

Advisors can now copy the form URL after publishing a form for the Web.

3. Ability to copy Dataset Modules and Groups

The Company Admin can now create a copy of a Dataset Module or Group. The type (i.e. Client/Co-client or Household and Single/Multiple Row) can also be changed in the copy process.

4. Ability to copy Pages and Groups

Advisors can now copy Pages and Groups from a form template into an entirely different form.

5. Ability to restore a Dataset and Form Library form to default settings

The Company Admin can now restore the firm’s Dataset to its original default settings. The same can be done for forms that are part of our Forms Library and that were modified (Tip: We always recommend copying a form and making changes to the copy instead of the original). Keep in mind that neither of these operations can be undone. Keep in mind that neither of these operations can be undone.

6. Improved Integration Mappers

Integration Mappers are now available for all user types to see. A Company Admin user login is required to make changes within an Integration Mapper.

7. Improved Integrations

When using Integrations, advisors will receive more information on data being imported or exported.