Digital solution makes it easier than ever for advisors to save time and money by
automating workflows.

ATLANTA; January 29, 2018
– PreciseFP, a leader in data gathering for easy client onboarding, announced today the launch of an extensive digital Template Library designed to help financial advisory firms digitalize each stage of the customer lifecycle.

The library encompasses a multitude of digital documents that are commonly used by financial advisors for lead generation, customer acquisition and client on-boarding. It includes a new and improved risk tolerance questionnaire (RTQ) that has been scientifically-validated to ensure the reliability of results, as well as an investment policy statement (IPS) that is based on industry best practices. As a fully integrated solution, the score from the RTQ automatically populates in the IPS.

PreciseFP includes a built-in eSignature feature, so clients can sign-off on the IPS electronically. In addition, it is easy for advisors to link the RTQ to their website to help generate leads and win new business. Clients are able to access it on any device, anywhere, at any time.

PreciseFP co-founder Don Whalen, CFP® said, “By supplementing our popular financial fact finder with an integrated risk tolerance questionnaire (RTQ) and investment policy statement (IPS), we just made life so much easier for advisory firms. As an advisor myself, I saw how inefficient and demanding the process is – not just for me, but for my clients as well. This fully integrated digital solution makes it easier for advisors to deliver quality advice by automating typical workflows.”

He continued, “The solution is also fully customizable. Advisors can manually enter the score of whatever risk tolerance assessment tool they use and it will flow into the investment policy statement. They can make the IPS their own and even add a company logo to promote their brand.” The solution is available to subscribers at no additional cost.


About PreciseFP

PreciseFP is an automated data management platform that enables companies to gather, store and securely distribute client information online. Clients can enter their information on any device, anywhere at any time. The data is securely stored in the system and can be electronically transferred between multiple other applications, flowing directly into a financial plan or account opening process.


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