PreciseFP 4 and Redtail Integration Overview Webinar

Enjoy entering data into your CRM and financial planning applications? Your clients do when it’s an experience tailored to their unique situation.

Integrated with Redtail, PreciseFP engages clients and prospects through customized and personalized online forms that advisors create in minutes. Instead of sending long, generic questionnaires, impress clients with forms that focus on their unique needs. Data from Redtail pre-fills the forms, so clients have less work. Also, data flows to Redtail, eliminating the need for data entry by staff. A complete list of features can be found here:

Watch this webinar to see for yourself how advisors are providing paperless, customized data-gathering experiences for their clients and prospects. We show how incredibly easy it is to create forms for a specific client. Also see how data flows seamlessly to Redtail, avoiding time-consuming data-entry and costly keystroke (i.e. “Bad Data”) mistakes.