PreciseFP & Redtail: Using Digital Forms And Vaults To Reduce Data Entry & Improve Data Quality

Looking for ways to increase efficiency by cutting down on the amount of typing and writing you do in the office?
Needing a better way to sync up and maintain quality data?
PreciseFP is committed to making financial advisorsusing Redtail CRM better at what they do. We do this be:
  • Providing a more enjoyable data-gathering experience for advisors, their clients, and their potential clients.
  • Delivering tools that allow advisors to work more efficiently, thereby improving their firms’ profitability.
  • Empowering advisors with proven processes and workflows that save time, reduce errors, and allow advisors to fulfill the otherwise burdensome “Know Your Customer” rule.
Watch this webinar recording to learn how you can take advantage of these wonderful tools and how they integrate into your Redtail CRM!