PFP 3.0 Release – version 3.0.4 – 05.05.15

We have just released PreciseFP v3.0.4.  This version has the much-anticipated MoneyGuidePro integration enabled, as well as a number of fixes

Issue Type Key Summary Priority Fix Version/s
Bug PFPDEV-627 User experiencing issue with text field and textbox through form editor. Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-261 Insufficient data on Form Submissions Report Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-594 Error after deleting a FOLDER Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-619 Title Box has 65 Character Limit. We need to increase it so people can add more text. Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-265 Forms submission stats not reporting right on bottom of Pipeline page Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-422 Incorrect data presentation in “Top 5 Client by Net Worth” Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-438 Repeated data in analytics / ClientData / client-age Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-666 Google Fonts do not load on Firefox Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-423 Inconsistency of data presentation in the opportunities/personalize Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-266 Forms submissions not reporting accurately on analytics report Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-255 Logo runs over description on integrations tab under settings Trivial 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-236 Sorting doesn’t work – Submission Major 3.0.4
Bug PFPDEV-660 Wrong average client age on Client Data page. Major 3.0.4


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