PFP 3.0 Release – version 3.0.3 – 03.24.15

We have just released PreciseFP v.3.0.3.  This version has a great number of bug fixes – 38 to be exact!  This version also includes REDTAIL Integration so now you are able to export to Redtail from PreciseFP 3.o.

Issue Type Key Summary Priority Fix Version/s
Bug PFPDEV-644 I have information in the Activity about foreign clients Blocker 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-641 No Intermediary screen? Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-640 Need texts to verify correctness. Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-631 Not importing all insurance policies from RT. Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-630 Trying to import Client2 for which there is an email addres, but PFP thinks otherwise. Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-628 Redtail – Insurance export problem Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-625 Form buttons do not work properly on websites Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-624 Remove Client Data Auto Update when clicking a fieldset Blocker 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-622 Custom Dropdowns options issue Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-621 Calculated FIelds removal Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-620 “Loading…” animation in the center Blocker 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-616 In default form “Contact Information Update” should not be required fields in the Household. Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-606 Error page – when I click the “Client 2 (if applicable)” – publish forms / preview Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-597 Wrong Label for Financial Goals Minor 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-589 %fm.first-name% – when I fill the form (Insurance details – Insured) Blocker 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-588 Need to allow only two character names Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-586 Error 500 – when I click Clients/Current Data/ Assets Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-583 v 3.0.3 Creating a radio field with long text gets cut off on form Minor 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-572 IE9 – User experiencing issues with forms in IE Major  3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-542 Opportunities being created for non-existant life insurance policies. Minor 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-481 Analytics graph columns not labeled correctly Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-480 v 3.0.3 Filter option under opportunities not displaying correctly Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-461 Empty values in “Net Worth” – in Prospects Minor 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-449 Toolbar disappears Minor 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-429 Scrolling to the bottom of the Current Data section creates unclickable links Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-427 Activity for Client2 is reporting incorrectly Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-403 Dropdown list with “Other” dont’ work properly in third added section Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-384 Grayed out dropdown list works – it should not Trivial 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-381 When hovering over Clients and Prospects, popup title and Create New Prospect/Client button overlap Trivial 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-374 Wrong title when added row Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-348 No validation – Min/Max Length – add/edit field Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-338 v 3.0.3 Add a new item button creates title bug Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-280 Client activity not reporting correctly Minor 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-234 Update company Info Minor 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-233 Wrong names of role (Staff) Minor 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-232 Deleting the account, I can’t use the same email. Major 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-230 I can’t delete Avatar – I don’t want any picture Trivial 3.0.3
Bug PFPDEV-215 Form status information reporting incorrectly Major 3.0.3
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