PFP 3.0 Release – version 3.0.2 – 03.03.15

We have just released PreciseFP v.3.0.2.  This version has a great number of bug fixes – 74 to be exact! We have been very busy addressing issues in our newly-released 3.0 version and it seems that we are nearly done! Only 52 minor bugs left on the list, after which, we will move on to enhancements requested by advisors like you. Please follow this link to see what has been addressed in this latest version.

Issue Type Key Summary Priority Fix Version/s
Bug PFPDEV-584 Form: “Risk Tolerance Questionnaire” is empty. Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-582 Financial Planning Questionnaire (w/ Cash Flow) does not work Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-571 Total employment related field is calculated counting deleted employers income Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-566 Add PreciseFP FAVICON Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-565 Office admin can’t see Tax number – He will never be able to change company’s data. Blocker 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-560 Advisor should be logged out after 1hr inactvity. Blocker 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-552 I am logged in as a user who is inactive. Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-543 Wrong Data show in the widget Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-541 Wrong Action Value Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-538 We shouldn’t be giving password creation hints when user is entering pwd. Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-535 Client 2 and Family Members not being inserted into drop-downs for insured and beneficiaries. Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-534 The navigation menu cannot be opened by clicking on the arrow portion. Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-532 The time stamp for the auto-save is incorrect. Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-526 Time Stamp Incorrect Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-524 Formatting of the Terms and Conditions popup needs work. Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-522 Enable Assistant (User) role throughout the app Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-520 I can’t add photos as prospects Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-515 Session closing not working Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-512 Current Data – Survey Section Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-507 Last name not always get filled Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-502 Create an alert for when form saves return an error Blocker 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-500 Wrong Icons are assigned to the Groups Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-495 Field with Min. Length greater than Max. Length Trivial 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-486 error when re-adding the files in the form Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-485 I can add empty value in radio field Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-458 Different values of opportunities in analytics / Widgets and analytics / Reports Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-452 Grayed out fields in an additional element (Insurance Details) Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-450 System allowed me to add a client without a valid email Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-441 Error page – try export data from activity Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-439 Error page – try export data in analytics/clientdata/net-worth Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-428 Total employment related field not calculating correctly Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-426 Shifted (unnecessary) arrows to sort (Opportunities) Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-425 Sorting of tables does not work properly (Opportunities) Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-417 Running new opportunities do not show on clients profile Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-396 Maturity date field won’t allow date greater than today’s date Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-386 None of my saved email messages on Form Settings are showing up when I try to send a form Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-382 Running opportunities for prospects do not show under opportunities Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-376 Radio field “Satisfacion” is displaced to the left Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-373 Bad page, when I log on to another browser and return. Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-367 Profile notifications don’t work Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-357 No validation in the fields (Employment) Trivial 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-356 Needed: busy indicator Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-343 Report in analytics not showing accurante number of clients Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-330 “Notify Me” on sending emails doesn’t work Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-319 Choosing to run opportunities through Clients page does not work Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-318 Error message on clients end if advisor moves form from Publish to Draft after form sent Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-313 I can create empty prospect Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-306 Doesn’t work button “BACK” during create your account Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-302 Bad validation massage during the incorrect login “[email]” Trivial 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-274 Created a new client but notification bubble on left hand side did not appear Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-272 Role Assistant / User – can click to opportunities but can’t see the data Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-271 ERROR – Role Assistant / User click on the forms Critical 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-270 Role Assistant / User can click to information about client/propsect, but then he is logged off and gets only the message “You have no access to update that client” /prospect” Critical 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-269 Client data reporting twice on the New Client/Prospect Report Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-268 Role Assistant / User can click to “Add client” / “Add Property”, but can’t create. Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-267 Bad status in Submissions Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-258 Created two prospects yet one is showing up as a Client in activity Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-256 “Undefined” error message when trying to turn off File Based Exports Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-253 Role Assistant / User can click to information in “Recent Activity”, but then he is logged off and gets only the message “You have no access to update that client” Critical 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-250 Bad image – wrong image in “Version of the field: Photo” Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-248 Wrong information about Relationship Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-245 No information about client in Opportunities-Client, but that client have 2 opportunities. Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-244 Lack of information on irregularities Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-238 Not full data validation when the client fills the form Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-220 Lack of validation in the “Previously married” Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-218 Text in “Welcome” in new form (client) Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-214 Client Net Worth Widget on Analytics not showing accurate number of clients Major 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-198 Prospects notification bubble reflecting a number but no data available. Trivial 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-181 Can drop forms folders on other forms folders, but they disappear. Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-107 Admin Panel – redirect after loginRequest Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-106 AdminPanel->Companies list – counter problem Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-105 Wrong after-logout screen+message Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-101 AdminPanel->loginAsCompany improve Minor 3.0.2
Bug PFPDEV-95 Office photo Critical 3.0.2
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