PFP 3.0 Release – version 3.0.1 – 02.12.15

On February 12th 2015 we have released PreciseFP Version 3.0.1.

We would like to let you know that on Feb. 12th we have deployed PreciseFP 3.0.1.  This version has a number of fixes that is listed in the BLOG entry below.

We have also included HELP icon which you can click to see an overview of certain components of the given section of PreciseFP 3.0.
We would like to thank you for all the feedback you have provided. We continue to work on improvements and we will have updated version 3.0.2 deployed on March 2nd.  We hope for that version to include all outstanding minor bugs that were reported.


Issue Type Key Summary Priority Fix Version/s
Bug PFPDEV-558 Different appearance of dropdown list (Add new Client/Prospect) Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-544 Need to remove requirment of fields in Settings Minor 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-530 A household member cannot be referred to as an “item”. Minor 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-529 I can’t be born before 1975. Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-523 Download Documents & ZIP is not working Blocker 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-519 I cannot see a file of prospects – error page Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-517 Activity for client is not showing correctly Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-516 Toolbar disappears under Data Set Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-508 New Message when trying to access submitted form. Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-503 Filter option for opportunities not working. Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-501 Add TOOLTIP Story Blocker 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-442 No activity about Prospect – data updated Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-430 I try to delete a client and get a message asking if I want to stay on the page. Minor 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-419 Form information in Send & Last update date are not showing accurately Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-362 Need more years for date of birth field Minor 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-332 System won’t allow me to run opportunities with saved password Minor 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-325 Opportunities do not unsnooze Minor 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-275 Form progress and forms completed stats not showing correctly on Analytics Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-273 User Role is now shown correctly on User Details screen Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-247 Status Opportunity, “SNOOZED” to “OPEN” doesn’t work good. Minor 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-228 The number of displayed lines (CLient Opportunities) Minor 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-226 Locked the button “Update User” (staff) Minor 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-200 Error message when trying to run closed opportunities Major 3.0.1
Bug PFPDEV-199 Error message when trying to run new opportunities report Major 3.0.1
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