You’re Overpaying for Risk Tolerance. Mom Doesn’t Approve.

Happy Mother’s Day! Now, let’s make Mom proud!

Mom wouldn’t want you to overpay for your risk tolerance software. Nor would you, I imagine. Yet, that’s what thousands of advisors are doing every month. Paying $50. $100, even $200 per month! Mom is asking “what happened to my financial planning child who had good money sense?!?!”

And those that are using “free”, highly inefficient home-grown systems to gather risk tolerance data… Let’s just say, time is money Mamma’s child.

You already know that PreciseFP is the world’s only data-gathering platform that was built around the way advisors work with their clients. But did you know that PreciseFP has, in its very popular Templates Library, a scientifically-validated risk tolerance questionnaire that comes complete with risk scoring? That’s right. What’s more, it’s one of several templates that can be used with your clients and prospects at no extra charge. Everything from lead gen to fact-finding, to surveys… All in one place, and all completely customizable (customisable for our UK advisors 😉 ). We even handle e-signatures for you, so you can have your own custom IPS or advisory agreement e-signed without your clients having to log into multiple places.

I talk to advisors every day who are switching from their current risk tolerance software to PreciseFP. But that’s not the only reason they choose PreciseFP. Check out some of the other ways that PreciseFP saves advisors more than $1,000 / mo / advisor by combining some of the tools they were previously paying for and are instead (now) using PreciseFP to not only save money, but make the client experience so much better. Mamma says you need to download our Savings Breakdown to learn more.

Make Mamma proud this Mother’s Day! Tell her how you saved a bundle with PreciseFP and how your clients are thankful for making their lives easier too!

Don Whalen, CFP®, CEO , Johns Creek, GA

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