[New Feature] – New Permissions – Announcement

Announcing the latest PreciseFP deployment: Permissions

We are excited to announce PreciseFP’s latest product enhancement. The “Permissions” upgrade is designed for enterprises and large advisory teams that desire to gain greater control over system access. Organizations can now configure user role permissions and choose which features to turn-on and which ones to turn-off. The added capabilities include:

  • User Roles: A new section entitled “User Roles” was added under Settings -> Organization. The User Role section allows the Company Admin to enable/disable access to PreciseFP features for each specified role. The user roles are defined as Manager, Team Lead, Advisor and Assistant.

  • Manager Role: The new Manager user role allows the Company Admin to define a set of teams that the Manager will have access to. The Manager is then able to switch between teams and act as a lead on each one. This role is ideal for situations when an advisor is in charge of multiple teams/locations or when an administrative user needs to give support to multiple advisors across teams.

  • Mobile App – Opportunities Section:  The mobile app now contains a section to interact with Opportunities. With this additional feature you will be made aware of new business opportunities that arise, making it much easier to cross-sell products and services.  

The latest upgrades are available to current PreciseFP subscribers at no additional cost.

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