Make Your Firm’s Legal Documents e-Signable in PreciseFP

PreciseFP allows advisors to create compelling content in a digital format that clients prefer. Whether it’s to build the most complete and up-to-date financial profile, thereby meeting the DOL Best Interest Rule, and others, or it’s to engage clients and prospects with compelling content (think freemiums!). No other solution allows you to engage clients and prospects as effectively, while allowing your firm to make significant gains in efficiency.

In continuing with our goal of helping firms to be more efficient, we recently introduced e-signatures as part of the long list of powerful features that advisory firms can now tap into. This short tutorial will show you how you can easily convert your firm’s legal documents into PreciseFP forms that can then be electronically signed by clients. No more paper! And that means no more mailing, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more, followed by scanning, filing, shredding… You get the picture. This feature alone will save your firm precious hours every month, while making the experience hassle-free (not to mention impressive!) for the client.

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