Latest Deployment from PreciseFP

Last week, we tweeted about some exciting news from PreciseFP and Shareholders Services Group. Together, we digitalized the on-boarding process and drastically reduced NIGO (Not in Good Order) by making required information mandatory and by validating the quality of the data before the client submits an SSG form. Conditional fields go one step further and hide fields that aren’t relevant to the client’s situation, further enhancing the client experience and even further reducing NIGO. You can read the full press release here.

Other enhancements we deployed…

Pipeline Automations:

  • Data Quality can now be a Pipeline trigger. It’s now possible to create pipeline workflows based on the Data Quality score of a client/prospect. If you don’t know what the Data Quality score is, think of your clients being graded based on the completeness of their client profile (you can also think of it as the higher their scores, the more likely you are meeting an objective, such as the FINRA KYC rule).Using the Data Quality score works something like this: “When Data Quality score is lower than 75, move account to Insufficient KYC Data stage”. From there, you could use this next feature that I am about to talk about…
  • Send engagements automatically in a Pipeline. It’s now possible to create Pipeline workflows that will send an engagement when the client/prospect enters a pipeline stage. How neat is that? I can think of a dozen  uses for that (quick example: When client finishes my RTQ, move them to my IPS stage where they are engaged with my IPS). Automation is incredible! Not only does it alleviate human intervention, it ensures clients follow a pre-defined path. I think Ray Kroc was on to something.

Other enhancements in this deployment:

  • When viewing the full account details (coming from a search result, notification or clicking the “details” button from the profile) there’s a new “more” drop-down that allows access to actions that were previously accessible only from the account list (remove, convert, favorite, archive, move)
  • When viewing a completed engagement as an advisor, the fields will now be blocked to avoid users trying to input data after the engagement is completed.
  • Calculated fields can now be re-run from the dataset. In some cases, when making updates to calculated fields in the dataset, the advisor would only see those fields update after a data change in the client/prospect profile. Now, the admin can make changes to a calculated field and run it for all clients/prospects from the dataset.
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