How to use Redtail – PreciseFP Integration – 3.25.15

We want to thank all of you for your patience while our team worked long and hard on rolling out the Redtail integration.  The much anticipated launch of the Redtail integration occurred earlier this week and is now available and ready for use.


This integration can be turned on by going into Settings > Integrations > Redtail button, click on.

Enter in your Redtail credentials.

You should receive this confirmation in the upper right hand corner letting you know that your your PreciseFP and Redtail accounts are synced.



The import new clients button will now be available under Clients.

To import, enter the last name of a head of household client from Redtail in the search box.  It’s very important to know that you can only import clients from Redtail who are listed as head of household.




Select which client you want to import.

You will get a message letting you know if this person was found in PreciseFP or not.  If not then you can click on Import & Create New.




Once the import has been completed your clients new PreciseFP profile will open for you.

Anytime you make an update to this client in Redtail and you want the data to be current in PreciseFP, you can grab the data from Redtail by clicking on Activity > Update from Redtail



To send data from PreciseFP to Redtail you can click on the Export button

Select Redtail from the list of options.  Once you do you should see this message:


Click on Export & Update.  This will send any new data that you have received from your client via a PreciseFP form or any manual updates you’ve done into Redtail.

This seamless flow of information makes annual reviews with your clients a breeze.  This way of integrating between applications puts those old days of data entry behind you and reduces errors significantly.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please let us know at

-Team PreciseFP

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