[New Feature Alert] – New Client-Facing Videos for Use in Your PreciseFP Forms!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. With over a thousand frames in a typical 1 min recording, that must make video worth over a million words.

The truth is, clients love video. Video is motivating and speaks to their senses. So why no put videos in your PreciseFP forms? After all, your clients want to be motivated to engage with your forms and provide you with the data you need.

We have great news! Announcing the PreciseFP Video Library!

Now, you can use our PreciseFP videos in your PreciseFP forms! Get your clients excited about providing you with the best quality data possible, so that you can plan for their financial future. Now you can with our PreciseFP video that explains to clients why they should be motivated to empower you by providing you with the most complete financial profile possible.

Want to impress upon your clients the importance of tax planning? Use our Tax Planning video to motivate your clients and show them that you care about saving them dollars on their taxes.

We’re excited to roll these first of two powerful videos to come. PreciseFP forms offer incredible flexibility and adding videos and graphics throughout are just two of its features. We’re changing the way data gathering and client engagement is done. Stay tuned for even more engaging videos that you can use with your clients and prospects!

How to Use Videos



Two Videos Available for use today!

Tax Planning It’s Not Just About How Much You Make, It’s How Much You Keep


Financial Planning is Like Making a Cake

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