Client / Advisor To-Do Checklist Available – Forms Library

We at PreciseFP continue to build form templates that make advisors’ lives easier and their firms more efficient. We created the “Client / Advisor To-Do Checklist” template so that advisors can see how easy it is to create custom to-do lists for each and every client.Important to-do items can be customized and assigned to either the client or advisory staff. Supporting documentation can even be requested right within the form, eliminating the need to circle back and request documents as a separate step.

Also, automated reminders ensure that the client gets the job done without advisory staff having to follow-up. Now that’s efficient!

Our PreciseFP checklist template can be used as a starting point from which advisors can copy and then customize to meet the needs of their firm and their client.

Advisors agree that checklists are an integral part of their practice. Without them, important items fall through the cracks, exposing advisors to potential liability. PreciseFP takes a systematized approach to data-gathering that the financial services industry needs to not only to be more efficient, but to survive in an increasingly competitive and regulated environment industry.

With PreciseFP, you can build as many checklists as you like. Create them to be used with clients/prospects only, clients/prospects with their advisor, or checklists to be used within your firm only. With PreciseFP, you have the power to build the forms you want with the greatest amount of flexibility, all within a platform that was designed around advisors work with their clients and prospects.