Advisors Say Tools Like PreciseFP a Top Priority for 2016

In a recent SEI survey of 484 advisors, 80% of respondents said they wanted more automation in their workflows and increased efficiency overall. You can access the article, which reveals more details about the findings, here.

It comes as no surprise to us here at PreciseFP that advisors want — and arguably are being forced — to consider new ways to gain efficiences. In light of increasing competition, both from the so-called “robo advisor” and from real “flesh and blood” advisors, and in light of increasing expectations on the part of clients, implementing effective technology solutions is more paramount than ever.


A recent webinar, presented by Deborah Fox, CEO of Fox Financial Planning Network and Don Whalen, CFP®, co-founder of PreciseFP, reveals how advisors can build their own “robo advisor” technoloy suites, using solutions like PreciseFP to achieve increased automation and to improve the overall client experience.