Precise financial profiles through targeted data gathering

See how automated data-gathering can improve your firm’s efficiency and compliance while engaging clients on a whole new level.

Beautiful, stunning forms your clients will actually enjoy using

Easily brand and customize your firm’s forms for a professional look and feel. Clients and prospects will appreciate how easy it is to provide you with the information you need.

Good News: Your data entry days are over!

Once your client has submitted his or her form, you can easily export the data to your CRM and financial planning applications - with a simple click of a button!

Clients can now attach documents right inside your forms!

Want clients or prospects to upload account statements? How about copies of their wills or other important documents? Clients can now easily “attach” documents directly in the relevant section of your forms. Yes, context matters!

Forms made easy

A data-gathering forms solution built for
financial advisors by financial advisors.

We make it easy to get started with
a library of forms that advisors use
on a regular basis.

Or, within minutes, create your own
professional-looking forms
that will
impress clients and prospects.

It’s never been easier to put your
best foot forward with great-looking,
easy-to-use forms that will take
your practice to another
level of efficiency!

  • Prospect
  • Financial planning
  • Investment
  • risk tolerance
  • client satisfaction
  • And much more

The DOL Rule
and Others

The "DOL Best Interest Rule" requires that investment advisors make recommendations that are based on the client’s investment objectives, risk tolerance, and financial circumstances. But how can you, the advisor, know all of the pieces of the financial profile “puzzle” when clients are reluctant to fill out your forms? The answer: By having a data-gathering process that makes it easy and engaging for clients to build and maintain their own financial profile.

Knowing your clients and serving them

In the most efficient manner possible

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